The Rise of Interim Consulting

The Rise of Interim Consulting

As the workforce landscape continues to evolve, the traditional notion of secure permanent jobs is giving way to a more flexible and project-based approach. People in what they consider to be the peak of their careers are experiencing a decline in the number of permanent positions available to them, while the demand for interim and fractional consulting is growing. This article explores the changing face of the workforce, specifically focusing on early-stage venture-backed businesses and transformative change management roles in private equity-owned and managed companies. Drawing on insightful experiences, we will discuss the need for expertise and the benefits of pursuing a career in interim consulting.

The Shift towards Interim Consulting

Statistics reveal a significant increase in the number of part-time jobs secured by individuals at this time in their careers. This trend is particularly evident in early-stage venture-backed businesses and private equity-owned companies, where the demand for flexible and specialised expertise has skyrocketed.

According to the Office of National Statistics, between April to June 2022, the number of people aged 65 years and over in employment increased by a record 173,000 in the quarter to 1.468 million, which is also a record level. This increase can be attributed to various factors, including the changing economic landscape and advancements in technology particularly around remote working and the rise of consultancy expertise particularly across fast-growing and early-stage companies.

Embracing Expertise

In an era of rapid change and digital disruption, businesses require specialised skills and knowledge to navigate complex challenges successfully. A recent article published in Forbes highlighted the increasing need for expertise, stating that companies must tap into the right talent pool to drive growth and transformation.

All [interim] functions are growing, but one more than others. Change management was the clear champion and included a wide range of functional expertise. Executives able to drive and direct change were of greatest interest: 55% of all interim gigs were at the Board, CEO or equivalent, or “C” level.”


The Benefits for Employers

Interim and fractional consulting offers several advantages to employers in early-stage venture-backed businesses and private equity-owned companies. The flexibility of engaging consultants on a project basis allows for efficient resource allocation, tailored expertise, and cost optimisation. As Renoir’s Global Director of Interim and consulting, Jennifer Brook-Botfield, notes, “Interim executives provide deep expertise, operational agility, and fresh perspectives that can accelerate growth and deliver transformational change.”

The Benefits of Interim

For professionals considering a career change or exploring opportunities in the final third of their careers, interim & and consulting holds tremendous potential. It offers a chance to leverage years of experience and expertise, unlocking new possibilities and personal fulfilment. Reflecting on several conversations with our network of expert interim executives, having transitioned from corporate careers spanning four decades to consulting, they have found that their true potential is now being realised through the power of interim engagements.


The Power of Renoir and Renovata & Company:

In this rapidly evolving landscape, Renoir and the Renovata & Company platform provide a valuable resource for both employers and potential interim talent. With trusted partnerships across growth, change, and transformation, these platforms connect organisations with experienced interim executives who can drive success in early-stage ventures and private equity-owned companies. The depth of expertise and specialised knowledge offered by these platforms ensures that organisations can access the right talent at the right time.

Embracing the shift and changing face of our workforce offers numerous benefits, including access to specialised expertise, increased flexibility, and cost optimisation. As individuals explore the potential of interim & consulting, platforms like Renoir and Renovata & Company serve as trusted partners, connecting organisations with the right talent to drive growth, change, and transformation. Unlock your potential and embrace the power of interim & consulting in this dynamic and evolving professional landscape.

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