The impact of interim

To make exceptional interim and fractional consultant hires at pace, we offer five key services that you need, within our set of strategic talent solutions.

Our expert team offers guidance to ensure that whatever the solution, we add value as your dedicated interim and fractional talent partner.

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Interim Management

Interim management is often used in situations such as:  

  • Executive turnover or absence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Launching new products or services
  • Crisis management
  • Business process improvement

Utilising our experienced executives and senior professionals, our interim management capability provides leadership, direction, and on-demand expertise at pace. They are committed to delivering results across a set timeframe to address your immediate business challenges.

By assessing the situation, developing a plan of action, and executing it, they will achieve your specific goals and objectives.  


Fractional Consultants

Fractional executive consulting can be particularly useful where workload can be assessed against commercial value and the need for flexible executive support, in a specific function, pays real dividends.

Our fractional executive consultants provide high-level strategic leadership as well as operational execution in a specific area or function. Our network thrives on sharing specialist knowledge to help you achieve your objectives, optimise your operations, and drive growth.


Digital and Business Transformation  

Digital transformation is vastly becoming one of the most well-recognised and sought-after interim solutions across our platform. Often requiring a long-term strategy and investment to achieve your business goals, our technology and product-led interim network enables you to better adapt to changing market conditions and  customer expectations to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.  

Driving change and innovation, developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy, and overseeing the execution of that strategy for 12 – 18 months, ensures fast and measurable results with transparency throughout. 


Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisors help identify and capitalise on market opportunities, navigate complex business challenges, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. That’s what our network of strategic advisors will do for you.  Working closely with your leadership team, they will provide expert guidance to help you meet your long-term goals, understand your vision, and develop a plan to achieve it. 

The scope of strategic advisory services can vary widely depending on your needs such as business strategy development, market analysis, financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and organisational design. Let us help you navigate the complexity to deliver the experts you need. 


Non-Executive Directors

Offering key values to play a vital role in the corporate governance of your company, our network of NEDs will provide:

  • An independent perspective on company strategy, performance, and risk management
  • Oversight and accountability with a duty to monitor financial reporting, compliance with laws and regulations, and ethical standards
  • Strategic guidance including insights into industry trends, emerging risks, and opportunities for growth
  • Board diversity bringing different perspectives and backgrounds to the table
  • Risk management helping to identify and mitigate risks that could impact reputation, financial performance, or legal compliance

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