Interim executives

An interim executive or fractional consultant is a highly-rewarding career choice for experienced professionals who want to make an impact, and have the flexibility of a variety of challenges. By sharing your experience and enhancing your skills as a high-impact strategic and operational leader, you will be in demand by the world’s global players and high-growth PE and VC backed tech startups.

Our team partner with the leading PE Funds, VC-backed start-ups and leading multinationals – so can offer insightful advice for those new to an Interim career or Fractional work, or work to place experienced Interim professionals on your next assignment.

Our promise

It is our promise to connect you with the businesses that match your expertise, positioning you as a changemaker to the businesses who need your strategic know-how.

Here’s how we do it.


Assess your skills and experience

To join our community of changemakers, as an interim or fractional consultant, we will evaluate your skills and experience. Our initial discovery call is the first step in achieving this with the long-term goal of building a lasting relationship. Working in a fast-paced and agile environment takes passion, leadership, management, and strategic nous, to add value and develop yourself as a go-to consultant.


Determine your superpower

Next, we’ll unearth your skills and strengths. This varies from choosing to specialise in a particular industry or focus on a particular type of consulting. For example, turnaround management or growth strategy.


Make connections

Building a robust network is critical to landing the best consulting gigs. In this business it truly isn’t just what you know, but who you know. Our regular networking events facilitate your connections with industry elites across our platform and gives you the opportunity to engage with business leaders in your target market.

Developing a strong presence and building relationships with current and potential clients of ours means that you’ll be front-of-mind for future engagements.


Achieve success

By being part of our interim community, your success is our success. Together with trust, transparency, and tenacity, it is our mission to ensure that you are fully supported to deliver to clients. With regular communication throughout your interim or fractional engagement, you can focus on delivering high-quality work that meets or exceeds clients’ expectations, while building your portfolio of success.


Build your reputation

Along with our trusted client relationships and community, our platform partners will help you build a strong reputation to ensure that you create a legacy of success, and a track record of accomplishment to shout about.

Connect with us

We have a proven track record of pairing interim positions with talented professionals whose distinctive skills closely align with the right role.

Recent placements

We’re always on the lookout to connect with interim and fractional consultants looking to drive strategic and business growth. Here’s some of our recent placements.

Latest news

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