The Impact of Interim in Product-Led Transformation

The Impact of Interim in Product-Led Transformation

When I first joined the Renovata & Company platform to build our interim executive brand, Renoir, I was truly impressed with the expansive client base from venture-backed start-ups to exciting private equity-owned and managed businesses yet what probably excited me most were the corporate household brands exclusively partnering with Renoir with the goal of facilitating what felt like a real shake up; a digital transformation.


What has become very clear in our drive to deliver value is that change is the only constant, especially in today’s dynamic business landscape. For corporate businesses aiming to stay ahead of the curve, embracing product-led transformation is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Enter the unsung heroes of change and Renoir’s bread and butter: our well-respected interim executives and managers. In this article, I’ll explore the valuable role of interim support and why it’s a game-changer for product-led transformations within corporate businesses.


First things first, what exactly is product-led transformation? In simple terms, it’s a strategic shift that places the product at the centre of a company’s growth and success. Instead of relying solely on traditional marketing and sales tactics, a product-led approach focuses on creating remarkable products and experiences that captivate customers, drive organic growth, and foster long-term loyalty.


Now, why bring in interim support during this transformative journey? Well, let’s dive into the benefits:


Fresh Perspective

Interim executives and managers bring a fresh pair of eyes and an outsider’s perspective. They aren’t burdened by the company’s historical baggage or internal politics, allowing them to identify blind spots and untapped opportunities. Their objectivity fuels innovation and helps break free from the “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality.


Speed and Agility

Time is of the essence in today’s business world. Interim professionals possess the agility to swiftly adapt to new environments and hit the ground running. They excel at absorbing information quickly, understanding complex business dynamics, and driving initiatives forward without the usual ramp-up time. This expedites the pace of product-led transformation, giving businesses a competitive edge.


Specialised Expertise

Interim executives and managers often come equipped with niche skills and deep domain expertise. They have a proven track record of successfully navigating similar transformations, possessing the know-how to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Whether it’s revamping product development processes, refining go-to-market strategies, or optimizing customer experiences, their expertise becomes a powerful asset.


Change Catalyst

Transformations can be disruptive, and resistance to change is a natural human response. Interim support acts as a catalyst, breaking down resistance and instilling a sense of urgency and purpose. Their presence sends a signal to the organisation that change is not just a buzzword but a strategic imperative. They inspire, motivate, and guide teams towards the common goal of product-led excellence. Politically, change is often always met with adversity and so the objective and unbiased approach taken by our interims can ensure tough decisions are made ‘externally’ but at the same time supported and delivered ‘internally’ from an invested party; the interim executive or manager wanting to ensure the transformation is a success.


Scalability and Flexibility

Interim professionals offer a flexible resource pool that adapts to the evolving needs of the organisation. As the product-led transformation progresses, the required skill sets may change. Interim support allows businesses to scale up or down swiftly, adding or replacing talent as needed. This scalability ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the transformation journey.


Knowledge Transfer

Interim executives and managers aren’t just here to execute—they’re here to empower the existing teams. They act as mentors, transferring knowledge, and upskilling internal talent. Through coaching and collaboration, they build capabilities within the organisation, leaving behind a legacy of expertise that fuels sustainable growth long after their departure.


In a nutshell, interim support injects dynamism, expertise, and momentum into product-led transformations within corporate businesses. They are the accelerators that push organisations towards embracing a customer-centric mindset, leveraging data-driven insights, and innovating at every touchpoint.


It’s crucial to note that interim support is not a substitute for permanent leadership. Instead, it complements the existing leadership team, filling gaps and bridging the transitional phases. It’s a collaborative partnership that combines the best of both worlds—the interim executive’s specialised expertise and the internal team’s knowledge of the organisation. This is in fact why our sister brand, Zeren, and Renoir partner together so well. Our interim executives start the journey and allow our permanent counterparts to capitalise on all our learnings to ensure the best and most suitable permanent leadership is secured for the organisation for the longer term.

Here are some examples of where we have delivered exceptional results:

  • Simplyhealth – following the appointment of CEO Sneh Khemka (ex BUPA), Renoir was engaged to provide an Interim Chief Product Officer to lead a company-wide product-led transformation. An assignment that lasted just under 12 months which included the hiring of several permanent Product Directors meaning that much of the heavy lifting was able to take place in record time resulting in significant progress across the organisation.


  • Bonhams – Acquired by Epiris in September 2018 and undergoing a major transformation to become an international auctioneering marketplace, Renoir was engaged to provide an Interim Chief People Officer for a period of 9 months covering maternity leave. This resulted in such a successful assignment, that the interim was offered another position within the Epiris portfolio to engage on a secondary transformation project.


  • Dunnhumby – as this well-renowned business continues to make huge strides within the marketing industry and media monetisation and advertising continue to attract further investment, Renoir was engaged to provide a senior Interim Product Director to lead on their entire product transformation for the period of a year resulting in positive outcomes for the business on an international scale.


So, if your corporate business is embarking on a product-led transformation journey, consider the power of interim support. Embrace the agility, fresh perspective, and specialised skills that these professionals bring to the table. With their guidance, your organisation can level up, captivate customers, and emerge as a leader in the era of product-led excellence.


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