Interim Trends Propelling Businesses in 2024

Interim Trends Propelling Businesses in 2024

The role interim management plays across investment-backed start-ups and scale-ups continues to grow in prominence, showcasing several trends that are significantly shaping the corporate sphere in 2024.

As companies navigate complexities and seek swift yet effective solutions, interim management has emerged as a strategic avenue for addressing critical needs across various domains.


1. Commercial Interim Chief Operating Officers in VC-backed start-ups with a background in customer success, sales, and the wider go-to-market functions

Venture capital-backed start-ups are seeking a unique blend of expertise in their interim COOs. The trend in 2024 is toward hiring Commercial Chief Operating Officers with a strong foundation in customer success.

These individuals bring a strategic vision to streamline operations while placing a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention particularly focusing on their renewal strategies. Their focus revolves around scaling operations in alignment with market demands and ensuring customer-centricity as a core business principle.


2. Sustainability Due Diligence Assessments and Implementation/Sustainable Investments

Sustainability isn’t merely a buzzword; it’s a critical consideration for businesses today. Interim managers specialising in sustainability due diligence are in high demand. They evaluate operations to minimise environmental impact, conducting assessments and implementing strategies for sustainable practices. Furthermore, they facilitate sustainable investments, guiding companies toward environmentally conscious decision-making that not only benefits the planet but also contributes positively to long-term profitability.


3. Interim People & Culture Assessments

Organisational success is increasingly reliant on a healthy workplace culture and a cohesive workforce. In 2024, interim managers specialising in People & Culture are gaining traction. They’re not just adept at assessing existing workplace dynamics but also at implementing strategies that enhance employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Their role extends beyond evaluation; they actively contribute to fostering a positive work environment that boosts productivity and employee satisfaction.


4. Transformation – SAP & ERP Implementation

Digital transformation remains a top priority for many businesses. In 2024, interim managers well-versed in SAP & ERP implementation are playing a pivotal role in this journey. They not only oversee the technical aspects but also align these implementations with broader organisational goals. Their expertise ensures a smooth transition, optimising processes and maximising the efficiency of these crucial business systems.


5. Finance

The need for financial expertise is perennial, and in 2024, interim finance managers continue to be integral. Their role spans from financial planning and analysis to risk management and regulatory compliance. With a focus on agility and strategic financial decision-making, these managers provide stability and guidance during uncertain economic climates.


The landscape of interim management in 2024 is characterised by a diverse array of specialised roles addressing critical facets of modern business operations. From fostering positive workplace cultures to driving sustainability and spearheading digital transformations, interim managers serve as catalysts for change, steering companies toward success in an ever-evolving business ecosystem. Embracing these trends can offer businesses the agility and expertise needed to thrive in today’s competitive markets.