Case Study

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Pricefx is a dynamic and fast-growing software company that specialises in providing cloud-based pricing optimisation solutions.

Headquartered in Germany, Pricefx serves businesses across various industries, helping them optimise their pricing strategies and maximise profitability.

Their innovative pricing software combines advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to enable businesses to make data-driven pricing decisions and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The Brief

Driven by a commitment to revolutionise pricing practices, Pricefx has experienced rapid expansion and garnered recognition as a leading provider of pricing solutions. As the company continues to scale, it recognised the need to strengthen its financial leadership as it entered its next phase of growth and engaged Renoir to provide an Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to support its ongoing growth and strategic initiatives.

The Interim CFO would be responsible for overseeing financial operations, optimising financial performance, and providing strategic guidance to ensure sound financial management.
To facilitate a seamless transition, Renoir collaborated with their platform partner, Renovata & Company, who were conducting the executive search for a permanent CFO. The successful outcome for the Interim CFO placement would mean a successful result for Renovata & Company’s search.


The Solution

Renoir utilised their comprehensive methodology and extensive network to identify highly qualified candidates for the Interim CFO position. We focused on individuals with a strong background in financial leadership roles, deep industry knowledge, and a track record of driving financial excellence within rapidly growing organisations.

Renoir conducted thorough assessments and interviews with the shortlisted candidates to ensure they possessed the necessary skills, experience, and cultural fit for Pricefx. They also ensured that the selected Interim CFO had the capability to contribute immediately, providing the financial leadership and strategic guidance that Pricefx required.

Throughout the selection process, Renoir maintained close communication and collaboration not only with both client and candidate but with our platform partner, Renovata & Company, to align their efforts and maximise the chances of a successful placement.


The Outcome

Following a diligent selection process, Renoir successfully placed an Interim Chief Financial Officer at Pricefx. The selected candidate brought extensive financial leadership experience, industry knowledge, and a strategic mindset to the role.

The Interim CFO quickly integrated into Pricefx’s leadership team, driving financial performance and providing valuable insights to support the company’s growth objectives. Their expertise and guidance proved instrumental in optimising financial operations, enhancing financial controls, and aligning financial strategies with Pricefx’s business objectives.

As the interim period progressed, it became evident that the Interim CFO’s contributions were indispensable to Pricefx’s long-term success. Recognising the candidate’s exceptional performance and alignment with Pricefx’s values and goals, the company offered them a permanent position.

This positive outcome not only marked a successful result for Renoir but also reflected the effectiveness of platform collaboration with Renovata & Company.