Case Study

Interim Chief People Officer

Interim Chief People Officer

Glamox is a leading international company specialising in lighting solutions. With a strong presence in the global market, Glamox provides innovative lighting products and solutions for a range of sectors, including marine, offshore, industrial, and commercial applications.
Backed by the private equity management firm Triton Partners, Glamox is well-positioned to drive its growth and innovation initiatives.

Triton Partners, renowned for its expertise in supporting and optimising businesses, provides strategic guidance and resources to facilitate Glamox’s expansion and operational excellence.


The Brief

Glamox recognised the need to strengthen its leadership team and enhance its organisational structure after undergoing an audit conducted by Deloitte. The audit identified areas for improvement in terms of functional design, leadership effectiveness, and HR processes.
To address these challenges, Glamox sought an Interim Chief People Officer (CPO) who could provide expertise in HR development and lead the transformation efforts.

The brief for the Interim CPO was to rapidly assess the current processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement strategic changes that would set Glamox’s leadership team up for success. This required a strong focus on enhancing leadership capabilities, fostering a culture of collaboration, and aligning HR processes with the company’s growth objectives.


The Solution

Renoir approached the assignment with a comprehensive methodology designed to meet Glamox’s unique needs. Recognising the importance of finding a candidate with deep expertise in organisational design and leadership development, The team at Renoir utilised their extensive network to identify individuals with a proven track record in driving the transformation that Glamox required.

Renoir’s screening process included assessing candidates’ ability to lead change, enhance leadership capabilities, and optimise HR processes. They prioritised candidates who had successfully driven similar transformation efforts and had experience working within complex international organisations.

Collaborating closely with Glamox and Triton Partners, Renoir facilitated interviews and assessments to ensure a strong fit between the selected Interim CPO and Glamox’s culture and objectives. The focus was on identifying a candidate who not only possessed the necessary expertise but also demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills.


The Outcome 

Drawing on their experience, the selected Interim CPO formulated a comprehensive transformation plan that targeted key areas for improvement. They worked closely with Glamox’s leadership team to implement changes that fostered collaboration, enhanced leadership effectiveness, and aligned HR processes with the company’s growth strategy.

The outcome was a stronger and more cohesive leadership team, streamlined HR processes, and a culture that emphasised teamwork and innovation. The Interim CPO’s contributions facilitated a smoother transition towards a more efficient organisational structure, positioning Glamox for sustained success in a competitive market.

More importantly, the Interim CPO’s impact was recognised by Glamox’s leadership and Triton Partners. As a result, they extended an offer to the Interim CPO to extend their tenure in the role. This positive outcome not only validated the success of the transformation efforts but also showcased the effectiveness of Renoir’s recruitment approach and the collaboration between Glamox and Triton Partners.